Submit Your Photos

Fancy yourself a surf photog? Send your shots to EST and we'll promote your images right next to the big boys. The best part? If we use your shots in our E-Magazine, we'll pay you cash so you can keep on livin' the dream!

NOTE: We are now accepting entries for our Bikini contest. To enter an image, you must have exclusive rights for its redistribution, be its sole owner, and have actually taken the photo. No copyrighted content will be published or accepted. The winner, based on user ratings, will receive €100! So get submitting!!!

The EST Surf Travel Magazine publishes some of the best surf photos there are to be found. Here is your chance to get your images out there with the very best in the industry. Not only that but if you get a featured photo you will get paid £50 on EST publishing the image in the e-zine. The magazine is free to download and will remain to be so. You are showing your artwork to the world.

If you don't manage to make the magazine we will still put the photo out through our media network making sure that you the photographer get the exposure you deserve. All you need to do is submit your best images, give them a bit of a description and then let us know who you are.

If you become a regular contributor to our magazine we will offer you contracts to travel the world shooting for us. We have sent guys out to Portugal, Bali, Morocco and South Africa already. This could be your dream ticket to a lifetime of surfing photography with everything paid for. All you need to do is get the best shots loaded up and we'll take the time to go through them all selecting the very best. If you've got video footage then we can include this as well.

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